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Preisänderungen – leider! – vorbehalten. Auch wir sind abhängig von unseren Lieferanten

 Mit jeder Lieferung aus Indien erhalten wir einige (meist größere) Einzelgeräte, die in Deutschland bislang kaum oder gar nicht angeboten wurden.
Wir prüfen sie, um später evtl. mehr davon zu bestellen (oder, zugegebenermaßen, weil sie uns einfach interessieren).
Aus Platzgründen geben wir sie erheblich preisreduziert ab. Allerdings nur mit einer englischen Beschreibung, die aber durchgehend sehr gut ist!
Man merkt, dass der weltbekannt Profi Sam Dalal sie verfasst hat …;
 Um sicher zu gehen, sollten Sie sich vorher telefonisch informieren, ob das Gerät noch vorhanden ist: 09151/4716 oder direkt zu Wolfgang Hund:
Die englischen Beschreibungen unten stammen von der Homepage Sam Dalals.




   Silken Butterfly   Sonderpreis 50.- €  (statt 96.- €!) DAVON bekamen wir nur ZWEI Stück geliefert! EINES nehmen wir … Ein wunderschöner, farbiger, fröhlicher Effekt, vor allem (aber nicht nur!) für Kinder- und Seniorenvorstellungen! Komplett mit allem Zubehör, leicht vorzuführen … Wenn Sie schnell reagieren … This was perhaps one of the most popular of Supreme products, and sets sell at fancy prices to magic collectors. We are delighted to have secured permission from Ian Adair, creator of the effect, and then partner of Supreme to reproduce this item. It is a beautiful Magical creation, A trick wherein surprise follows surprise and colour and mystery are incorporated with a dash of comedy by-play.  A cloth is removed from a stand, and there is a picture, on a plaque of a butterfly. Some of the colours on the Butterfly are made by four silk handkerchiefs, red, yellow, green and purple, projecting through four cut-outs in its wings. These four silks are removed and the denuded butterfly is covered with the small, unfeked cloth. The four silks are vanished. The cloth is removed from the Butterfly and there are the four silks back in position once more, and they are removed.  The final surprise is when the four silks are tossed into the air and flutter down – no longer as separate silks, but as a beautiful rainbow, made up from the four different colours.  We supply you with everything you need to work this effect right away, The Butterfly Stand that consists of a decorated plaque in a wooden base, all he required Silks and complete instructions by Ian Adair.


Silks to Balls Transformation Tube      Supersonderpreis statt 100.- €  nur 65.- €!   
    This is a very novel transformation effect, where three different colored silks placed in a clear tube and momentarily covered with an opaque tube are transformed to 3 balls of matching colors. You could use other items besides the balls supplied for the transformation – anything that will fit in the tube. Sponge Balls for a follow up routine, or solid wooden balls or a large 6 foot Blendo silk. Transform the silks to Candy for the kids. Substitute 3 white silks for the colored ones, and transform to real eggs, or white mice. We supply the clear tube on a black base,  three silks, three colored balls that just fit inside the smaller tube, a metal tube that fits over the larger tube, and the necessary extras that make the effect possible.. All the props are illustrated in picture above. The clear tube measures approx. 19 cm  tall and 6,5 cm  in diameter, standing on the base 10 cm square. and 4,5 cm high. The opaque tube is 0,6 cm larger, to just fit over this tube.   Einzelgerät = fragen Sie vorher, ob es noch da ist!


Tip Over Chest        statt 136.- €      nur SONDERPREIS     120.- €

   DAVON haben wir nur zwei Exemplare! Ein schönes Gerät aus Holz, Handarbeit, einfarbig lackiert (nicht unbedingt wie die Farbe auf dem Bild. Wir haben darauf keinen Einfluss. )! Zuverlässige, ziemlich automatische Funktionsweise mit einem erstaunlich großen Laderaum. Sieht aus wie eine Schatzkiste aus 1001 Nacht, eine Piratenkiste. Länge 30 cm, Breite 20,5 cm, Höhe 25,5 cm. Wunderbar für einen universellen Gebrauch geeignet. Mit leicht verständlicher englischer Beschreibung, die Sie aber eigentlich gar nicht benötigen … 

This is the classic Tip Over Production Box, in the form of an attractive „Treasure Chest“. It is a more compact and much more economical model of our Enchanted Treasure Chest, (a large prop of an identical nature, for large stage use), originally introduced by us over a decade ago. Call it a Treasure Chest from the Arabian Nights, or Blackbeard the Pirate’s Chest, or whatever you fancy. Show the box completely empty. Cast your magic spell and produce what you will from the chest. „Silks from the East“, or „Doubloons and Pieces of Eight“, or Flags and Flowers, Doves, or a baby Bunny. Show the chest empty after the production, then cast your magic spell again, and make yet another production. The chest will hold a truly enormous amount of production items. Our Chest is designed with a unique automatic self locking feature – just close it and the load will not tip, allowing you to carry this on or off stage, or pick it up any time during the performance. Just open the lid, and its ready to work. Made from wood, finely crafted and polished, the Tip Over Chest is approximately 10″ high and 11.75″ x 7.75″ at the base. Its load chamber is approximately 6″ high and 9″ x 5″ at is base. Complete with detailed instructions.


DAGGER CHEST – SCHWERTERKASTEN   absoluter Sonderpreis 250.- €   statt  464.-  € !!


Flach zusammenlegbar, innen schwenkbare Spiegel, so dass der Innenraum leer aussieht bis auf die blinkenden Schwerter!
Auch mit einer nicht geschulten Zuschauerin vorführbar! Leicht verständliche englische Beschreibung. 

The Dagger Chest is a classic prop, and this model has several refinements of our own. A box you can see right through is placed around a spectator’s head.
Several daggers are thrust at all angles through the sides of the box.  Then the box is opened to reveal not a human pin cushion, but a spectator with a vanished head! Finally remove the daggers, and spectator’s head is „restored“ without  a hair out of place, and no clue to the mystery.
This model makes it easy to use with a volunteer from the audience, and does not require a trained assistant. Complete special chest, handsomely decorated, with 7 daggers, and display stand. WIEDER  wenige  STÜCK AUF LAGER! NOCH!



Kid Show Folding Table  statt  125.- €  Absoluter Sonderpreis 80.- €


   41 cm x 48 cm Tischplatte, 78 cm Höhe, Tisch entfaltet sich blitzschnell von selbst aufgrund eines raffinierten Systems, das vorher nicht sichtbar ist. Flach zusammenzulegen in Sekunden. Wunderschöne Lackmalerei.

Walk onto stage, and produce this table from a newspaper under your arm, then use it as a regular table for the rest of your act. Or just use it for the convenience of packing flat in an instant, at the bottom of your case of props, ready for use when you want.
Designed on the idea by Robert Harbin, these are a very practical and useful accessory, at a very reasonable price. The model we supply you is 2 ½ feet in height and the table top is 19” x 16” giving you ample working space. The legs are decorated cutouts in the form of cartoon characters and will make an excellent prop for children’s shows.
Well constructed from 8 mm waterproof ply, painted and screened in many colors, this a utility prop any magician will use.


Performing Pachyderm  statt  140.- € Sonderpreis nur noch 100.- €



Ein außergewöhnliches Gerät, wunderbar gemacht! 50 x 52 cm groß, also selbst auf den größten Bühnen gut zu sehen (siehe die Hand auf der Abbildung zum Vergleich) … 

 The „daddy“ of animated card props, this is a cut-out of Jumbo, the famous African elephant of P.T. Barnum’s „Greatest Show on Earth“. And obviously, like all elephants, he uses jumbo cards for his card games ! Have one or more cards freely selected from a „Jumbo deck“.
Mix them back into the deck, and drop them into Jumbo’s top hat.
Then Jumbo comes to life. He tips his hat, and with his trunk picks out the selected cards, one at a time.
You can have Jumbo do a bit of maths, or find a picture from a stack of picture cards, and NO, there are no forces, and the cards could be signed, and YES, you can have Jumbo pick out as many cards as you wish. Magician Clown Gay Ljungberg of Sweden was one of the first to see a set, and said, „An extremely beautiful prop . The mechanics work like a Volvo automobile. Good that you took the trouble and expenses to add the gag cards, it makes the prop worth so much more for the customer. Good theming, nice artwork, quality mechanics, workable routines. It is a very good buy for any children’s entertainer or comedy magician.“ I couldn’t have described it better, and I would „modestly“ agree with him, since it took me over a year to translate the original concept through several incarnations into the perfect practical prop I offer you. The prop packs flat for carriage, erects absolutely rigid in less than a minute with two bolts and fly nuts, and makes a big display that can be seen at the back of the biggest school hall ! It is sturdily constructed in marine ply and powder coated metal, and comes complete with a Jumbo Deck, extra „gag“ Jumbo cards, and detailed instructions. And the price is an absolute bargain for the quality prop.